Our Story

We actually met the first day of college – we had both signed up for a First-Year Interest Group (FIG). The FIG was called Digital Societies: Computers & Technology. Josh took it because duh, “computers and technology”. Alicia took it for an easy math credit. On the first day, Alicia was wondering who this yellow-sneaker wearing, drawstring backpack fool was the one arriving right before class started was – clearly she was entranced. We had gravitated towards each other as Josh was the one of the more normal guys and Alicia clearly needed Josh’s help with the fake-programming assignments. By chance, we also had a class the second semester Freshman year: Native American Studies. Despite Alicia helping Josh with some of his homework when he would forget to do it, Josh got a better grade in the class (mostly because Alicia can’t spell!).

The following year, we didn’t have any classes but we would text every now and then. It wasn’t until right before Spring Break, where Josh had just gotten off the bus and was coming home from work and Alicia was walking back to her apartment and talking on the phone with her Mom that our dating life truly began. It was just dumb luck, but we bumped into each other and Josh asked Alicia when she was going home for Spring Break and if she was not leaving until later in the week that we should get dinner tonight. Alicia agreed and we met again in an hour at Josh’s apartment. We had dinner at Mia Zah’s on State Street (RIP). This is a restaurant where you pay ahead of time, so when Josh paid for both of the dinner’s she was clearly shocked – Alicia didn’t know that this was a date but clearly wanted it to be a date.

The rest, as they say, is history. We started ‘officially’ dating a week later (on April Fools’ day no less!). We finished our undergraduate degrees at UW-Madison, moved into our first adult apartment together, inherited a cat and adopted another, and enjoyed travelling the world ever since. Alicia had always loved Sweden as a child, ever since doing a grade school project on the country. We travelled to Sweden in May 2017 where our lives had both changed forever: At sunset on May 21, Josh proposed to Alicia across the bay from City Hall (one of Stockholm’s most iconic landmark). We had some wonderful friends waiting to capture it all on camera and to celebrate on the spot with some champagne!

A few months later that year, we entered into another long-term commitment: buying our first house together. We spent many late nights painting, leaf collecting, and making last-minute Menards runs! One thing we still make time for is our love of travel and experiencing different sites, tastes, and cultures. We plan to make this (and cats) a crucial part of our life going forward.

Fast forward a few months (well, a few dozen months), we are all ready for our big day and can’t wait to celebrate with all of our family and friends!